A message to Riding On Insulin & Ironman

What is this? An open letter? Okay, yeah, let’s call it that.

On September 13, the largest group of type 1’s and type 3’s (supporters get their own type too!) took on Ironman Wisconsin. The team? Riding On Insulin.

I’ve been watching and reading, following along and let me tell you, if you were there, you would have felt the supreme magic.

Now I wasn’t there, but I’ve attended one previously to support a friend and the energy is indescribable.


I can only imagine what it was like to be there, swimming, cycling and running alongside fellow athletes who live with t1d. They get it, you get them.

So to all of you, thank you. Thank you for being a supreme example of perseverance. Thank you for the motivation to live my best life. Thank you for getting out there when you didn’t feel like it. Thank you for showing the world that nothing can stop you.


I’ve never been so proud of a group of people I’ve never met. Just know that this event has meant a lot to me, and to probably a lot of others out there.




  1. Thank you very much! It was an amazing experience. Becoming an Ironman was definitely a huge accomplishment, but doing it in the company of such a large group of other type-1s and all of our supporters was truly special.


    1. Jeff, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! GAH, I love saying that. Although I personally don’t have a desire to do Ironman, I do have a desire to live every day to its fullest. I don’t want t1d to make me feel like I can’t accomplish certain things. Yes, it will take effort. Yes, maybe others won’t go through the same challenges, but oh so yes, I can do whatever I want and achieve any dream. This is what you and so many others have done for all of us living with this disease. It shows us that you can do anything you put your mind to, it shows us how amazing the human body is (even if the pancreas has decided to drop the mic and call it quits). I know there are so many people out there who look at this act and really feel its impact. I want to speak up for all of them when I say thank you Jeff. You will never truly know the power of what you’ve done in our spirits and our hearts.


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