One Touch Verio Flex-worth the switch?


What would it take for you to switch meters?

That’s what I ask myself every time a new one hits the market.

The latest I’ve tried is the One Touch Verio Flex (pictured above). It’s features include a simple color idenfication system (blue=low, green=in range, red=high). There’s also an app that lets you see your numbers and trends on your phone.

Currently, I am using this bad boy. The OneTouch Mini:


I LOVE that the mini is so small and I like the colour. Yes, the design matters to me. Yay for soft curves and simple buttons. Since I have the CGM, this meter serves me well. I don’t use it to identify trends. All I really need is something to tell me where I’m at and so I can calibrate.


Despite its fairly nice design and app (which I didn’t end up looking at all that much but it’s definitely a nice-to-have, especially if you don’t have a CGM), I wouldn’t switch over. The strips are too ‘prickly’. They are awkward, and in a low, I have trouble testing myself let along with a strip that has two prongs.

If you are new to diabetes management and don’t quite understand your numbers, then I would see the value in this meter as the color coding makes it very simple to understand where you sitting at.

Still on the lookout for my dream meter: a light where the strip is inserted, modern and sleek design in my perfect world, being able to test underwater.

You can dream right?