Emotional Burnout. Canadian Diabetes Association Webinar

Not sure about you, but I often roll my eyes when I read or hear about diabetes and mental health statistics.

Oh people with diabetes are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression? Wow.

If you’ve dealt with diabetes for more than a day, you would well know how difficult it can be to continually walk on the tight and often unbalanced rope we’ll call d-management.


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The main message that I took from the webinar was this: be kind to yourself.

I am so quick to judge myself with harsh words for not catching a low or a mini self-beatdown for trending high.

How can I be kind to myself? How does this work?

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Here’s what I’ve been trying to do to keep my mental health afloat.

  • I go offline. I’ve really come to realize how detrimental being online all the time can be. A little shut down for some good ol’ fashion reading, a nice bubble bath or play time with pets goes a long way.
  • Dedicate self-care time. This sounds silly but I do make a to-do list of things to ensure that I get it done. Mine includes yoga, meditation, and 5 minutes of de-cluttering

If you have any ideas, let me know!

Sending you all a bit of kindness and of course, smooth bg’s.