Training for a marathon with type 1 diabetes. Hitting peak week and the glory of the taper.

I’m walking down the stairs backwards. I’ve got a swagger walk with no swagger. Ah, it’s the sign of finishing my longest distance to date- 32 km (19.8 miles) and it wasn’t pretty.

My bg’s seemed stable throughout but my stomach was another issue. 5 km (3.1 miles) in I had to make a dash to the ladies. With my tummy in knots the run overall was painful. Legs were seizing and it was just plain ugly.

95% of my marathon training was done on the treadmill and here are some tips to keep your mind distracted.

  • Netflix. As much Netflix as you can get.
  • YouTube “running music” and pick your favourite hour-long mixes or create your own playlist
  • Play games on your iPad or tablet. I can get away with this because I’m not running at a fast pace. Don’t expect to win at whatever game you are playing though. Your slippery, sweaty hands won’t let you.
  • Visualize your race. Today’s run was all about imagining myself at the start line, hitting each km/mile and finishing strong.

Up to this point the biggest lesson has been to let go of the self criticism when it comes to my bg levels. I reminded myself that I’ve never done this training before. I reminded myself that the road isn’t supposed to be easy but that it will totally be worth it.

I want to thank everyone in the DOC for their support! This online family has really kept me motivated and inspired. Special thanks to Shawn Shepheard & my triathlete sister and good friend Anne Marie Hospod (who is doing her first IRONMAN!). Thank you for the texts pre, during and post-run.


Now to taper! For non-runners, taper means that my training will significantly decrease and that the bulk of the “hard” stuff is over.

I love to exercise but I am REALLY looking forward to this taper time.

Happy running,