How beautiful! A classic medieval silhouette and I can’t wear it.


Can we talk about this dress and maybe gawk at it for a little? What a gorgeous piece. I wish I could put it on and do a fun photoshoot.

I saw this on Etsy and just had to share for #BlueFridays.

Every Friday we put on our blue accessories, clothes or whatever to celebrate and support those living with diabetes.

The #BlueFridays hash tag all started with Cherise Shockley. Check out how the initiative started here.

Wishing I was back in time,


Another chance to be Minnie Mouse? I’m in! This week’s #BlueFridays outfit

Fun, cute, and reminds me of Minnie Mouse!

Glad to exchange the classic red for diabetes blue baby.

This week’s thrift store find takes me to my magical kingdom of sweet bg’s.

Every Friday we wear blue to support those living with diabetes. Check out how the initiative started here.

Show me what you got! Wear your blue with pride and start your weekend right.



Super comfy with a neckline of fake bling. This week’s #BlueFridays is here!

I’m all about being comfortable. Gone are the days where I would stuff myself into a dress way too tight for me or stay in an outfit that itched my skin.

My Blue Fridays thrift store find is all about being comfs! It’s cotton so it’s ultra soft and the neckline adds just a little punch that looks great in pictures.

Every Friday we wear blue to support those living with diabetes. How did this all start? It was the brains of Cherise Shockley. Check out her story here.

What blue are you wearing this Friday?



DSMA Blue Fridays- the dress with all the detail

I hit the jackpot with this dress. Sequence, beading, more beading, gold? Oh my!

I show you guys an outfit at the end of each week for Blue Fridays.

Sport any kind of blue on…well…Fridays to show your support for those affected by diabetes.


Show me your blue outfit pics, hashtag it #BlueFridays and share!

Happy Friday,


DSMA Blue Fridays: Summertime blues

Thrift store dress rack find. It’s blue stripes for summer lounging.

Every Friday we put on blue to support those affected by diabetes. Here’s this week’s dress.

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Use #BlueFridays to participate! It’s a fun hashtag to accompany your #ootd (outfit of the day).

Read more about the Blue Fridays initiative here.

Summer time sadness? (If you don’t get this reference I’m a little sad.)



DSMA Blue Friday: My Disney princess dress

All I need is a crown and a wand with this Blue Friday dress.

Every Friday we wear blue to support those affected by diabetes. Today’s outfit is inspired by the magical. It’s part of my weekly fashion photo shoot at local thrift stores around Toronto.

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The Blue Fridays initiative was created by Cherise Shockley in November 2010. Read more about it here.

If you’re wearing blue, snap a photo and hashtag it #BlueFriday on your social media outlets.

Dressed like a princess and pretty happy about it,