Help! Finding a new diabetes team


I’ve moved.

It’s been a few weeks now and I can tell you, the uproar this has done to my diabetes management has been more than I anticipated.

Who thought there’d be mourning of my routine? Oh but there was. I had a way of doing things, putting my diabetes bag in certain places, having my emergency stash of quick carbs and needles just so…I had gotten comfortable and now, everything is in flux.

I need to find a new team (another excruciating and anxious-ridden task). Today I finally mustered up the courage to e-mail two endocrinologists who were recommended to me. I was almost in tears as I wrote something along the lines of, “Please take me in. I’ll do anything.”



I don’t want the chance of having an endo that doesn’t know what a CGM looks like (yes, that happened) or what feels like shortened time because on paper, everything looks pretty good but it’s not emotionally (also has happened).

Truth is, I am struggling. I am on edge. I am burnt out. It’s a chance to start a fresh routine (yay!) but I’m also mourning the loss of the old one.

Being diagnosed as an adult, I very often so silly writing on this blog. What am I complaining about!? I’m an adult! I can process this. But I can’t. And I think that there’s others out there like me who are having trouble doing the same.


How have you dealt with a new apartment/house? How did you change your routine for the better? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Okay, I just broke down in tears. I think it’s time to end this now.

Thank you for always loving me unconditionally DOC. You don’t know what you mean to me.





Routine rebuild.

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