Canadian Type 1 Diabetes Exercise Resources

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Canadian type 1 and fitness organizations

Connected in Motion- “… is a community of adults who are living life with diabetes without limits. CIM uses outdoor and physical activity as a forum for experiential diabetes education.”

|Website | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube |

Dskate– unique hockey programming for young type 1 diabetics

| Website | Twitter |

Canadian Athletes with type 1 diabetes

Daymon Blackport-soccer player

Dr. Anne Marie Hospod-marathoner, triathlete, Canadian Death Race competitor

Image courtesy of Anne Marie Hospod

Image courtesy of Anne Marie Hospod

Celine Parent- triathlete, runner from Ontario

| Website | Twitter |

Sebastien Sasseville-first T1D to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2008, 6x Ironman, triathlete & ultra-marathoner

Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn |
Outrun Diabetes: the website of Sebastien Sasseville’s run across Canada. February to November 2014.

Shawn Shepheard- 3x marathoner, 7 x half-marathoner, recreational hockey player

| Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube |

Alanna Swartz, weight lifter

| Blog | Twitter |

Terrence Teixeira- marathoner, triathlete, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, represented Canada in the World Triathlon Grand Final London

Representing Canada at the World Triathlon Championships

Representing Canada at the World Triathlon Championships

Mallory Zorman-speed skating
Image courtesy of Mallory Zorman

Image courtesy of Mallory Zorman

Canadian Type 1 athlete blogs

Alberta Diabetic Girl (last entry January 2014)

Blood, Sweat and Carbs (Triathlete who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) (last entry September 2013)

Canadian D-gal (Avid cyclist who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Celine Parent (Canadian runner and swimmer)

Connected in Motion’s Fresh Air Blog

Insulin and Iron (who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) (last entry November 2013)

Insulin on Ice (Speed skater living in Calgary, Alberta)

Princess of Pavement (type 1 diabetic runner)

Trained by Insulin by Bram Hutchinson (last entry November 2013)

Canadian articles about type 1 diabetes and exercise:

Coming out of the Cave: Finding my diabetic tribe in the North

York University, Toronto, Ontario Canada-Michael Riddell‘s page with various articles on type 1 diabetes and exercise including:

Tips for exercise and type 1 diabetes (by Beth Farnell and M Riddell)

Article: Exercise Helps Regulate your Blood Glucose Levels and Leaves You Feeling Great (by R. Hanley)

Insulin adjustments for exercise for type 1 diabetes (by Iscoe et al.)

Research Impact-Low blood sugar impacts athletic performance in kids with diabetes and KMb in Action story Protection Status



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