Your daily dose of inspiration via/ Sebastien Sasseville

The title of this video is, “Why I’m glad I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes”.

“Turn the obstacle into the vehicle…the power is in the driver’s end.”

If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, here it is.



How beautiful! A classic medieval silhouette and I can’t wear it.


Can we talk about this dress and maybe gawk at it for a little? What a gorgeous piece. I wish I could put it on and do a fun photoshoot.

I saw this on Etsy and just had to share for #BlueFridays.

Every Friday we put on our blue accessories, clothes or whatever to celebrate and support those living with diabetes.

The #BlueFridays hash tag all started with Cherise Shockley. Check out how the initiative started here.

Wishing I was back in time,


You can help Canadian athlete Aiden Brenner, who lives with type 1 diabetes, compete at the World Age Group Championships in Denmark


I saw it on multiple Facebook posts. Crazy support for 14-year-old Aiden Brenner. He lives every day with type 1 diabetes while chasing athletic dreams as I look on YouTube in awe.

This kid is showing the world that nothing can stop him.

He’s got a fundraising campaign to help raise money for him to keep reaching higher.  His fundraising page states:

This week, Adin was selected to compete for Team Canada at World Age Group Championships in Denmark in December. The meet in Denmark is the absolute highest and most elite competition available in his sport at his age. He will also be competing at at a World Cup competition in Portugal in October. He will attend these international meets are on top of the Provincial meets, National Championship and Canada Cup competitions.

Check it out here and support.

We need to rally behind athletes like Aiden. To build awareness. To create an even stronger circle of support. Get out there and give it all you’ve got Aiden. We support you.



Another chance to be Minnie Mouse? I’m in! This week’s #BlueFridays outfit

Fun, cute, and reminds me of Minnie Mouse!

Glad to exchange the classic red for diabetes blue baby.

This week’s thrift store find takes me to my magical kingdom of sweet bg’s.

Every Friday we wear blue to support those living with diabetes. Check out how the initiative started here.

Show me what you got! Wear your blue with pride and start your weekend right.