Diabetes Poetry


I had so much fun making up lyrics to Adele’s Hello a while back.

It got me thinking, is there any diabetes poetry out there? Luckily I found some winners from Insulin Nation’s type 1 diabetes poetry contest. Check it out here!

Here’s my shot at rhyming:

A tightrope walk where I know I’ll slip

A prick, a test and a bg dip

Don’t let the invisibility lie to the images you see

It’s a challenging, draining and warrior-making life

It’s type 1 diabetes



Drip Drip Drip. Sweat Does The Body Good


So this is my sweat. It may be gross to some, smelly to others, but to me, it’s beautiful. It’s hard earned drops of glory.

Sweating means I’m putting in¬†effort. I’m in it. My body is moving.

When I’m stressed, anxious or depressed, dripping from head to toe can often be my saving grace.

It apparently helps rid the body of toxins, makes your skin better and prevents colds and infections. That’s according to this article right here.

I don’t doubt the benefits of sweat and hope the next time you see a dampened shirt in the mirror, you smile.