JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research: How Far Would You Go?

These fundraising events are a great excuse to get off early, push back the paperwork and all the while make your company look good. After all, fundraisers are fundraisers right?

Well no. Actually that’s complete bull. Maybe you don’t know much about type 1 diabetes or maybe you do. If you chose to participate in this year’s JDRF Ride for Diabetes Research in Canada I’m going to have to tell you that what you did in one afternoon created great potential.

It gives people like me hope. I see people who often don’t have any affiliation with the cause, listen with the ears open and understand and hear first hand what it’s like to live with this disease day in and out. You sweated and pedalled with hundreds of others. And in that process of moving each pedal forward, it has brought hope to so many like me.

After so many years, my doctor confirmed to me recently that I do, indeed have Type 1 diabetes (not any other kind, there are many!). And when I saw all the action that took place at the Metro Convention Centre, I got damn emotional.

It just goes to show that people have good in them. They want to help. Physical activity breeds power and positivity. Thank you to all who participated.

Recently I have been feeling so defeated. So tired. So mentally at the end of my rope. Being able to witness events like these gives me that push to keep going. To not give up. To remember that there are people out there who are willing to give their time (their most precious commodity) to help people they don’t even know.

It means so much to me that you rode your heart out.



CONCEPTT type 1 diabetes pregnancy trial participants get 50/50 chance of free CGM use. Do you qualify?

Type one diabetic? Pregnant? Planning on it?

Qualified trial participants will get a 50 per cent chance of free continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) during pregnancy.

The trial is called CONCEPTT (<–that’s not a typo, there are two T’s).

The goal of this study is to compare the effects of adding CGM to standard therapy versus standard therapy without CGM.

| CONCEPTT trial brochure |

What is the CONCEPTT trial?

  • Study is a randomized, open-label controlled trial funded by JDRF
  • Launched a year ago in Canada, UK, Spain, Italy and the US
  • Qualified participants have a 50/50 chance of receiving a CGM sensor 
  • Those who receive a CGM will use it until 24 weeks after enrollment or if you get pregnant, until completion of your pregnancy
  • You do not have to pay for the sensor & the rest of your care will remain the same
  • You will have the same number of visits to your endocrinologist as usual
  • Blood will be collected and if you are pregnant and deliver, blood from the baby’s umbilical cord will be collected and tested for information about the baby’s insulin levels. This does not hurt the baby.

| CONCEPTT trial brochure |

Participation is 100 per cent voluntary. You may leave at any time without affecting your care.

Do I qualify?

  • Women must either be planning to conceive within six months or be in early pregnancy, up to 13 weeks.
  • They also must be willing to wear the CGM device 24 hours/day. Read more here.

How to find out more

Speak to your own caregiver or contact:

Investigator Dr. Denice Feig at 416-586-8590 or co-ordinator Ms Barbara Cleave at 416-586-8590 ext. 2622

Mount Sinai Hospital

60 Murray St., 5th floor

Toronto, Ontario

Read more:

Optimizing pregnancy outcomes for type 1 diabetes ‘moms-to-be’

I met the co-ordinator of this study, Barbara Cleave at the JDRF Infosium in March. Read my post on the event here

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