Now what? After the big race…

I’ve been singing Disney songs ever since my race. Aladdin. Little Mermaid. You name it, I’m singing it….poorly mind you but with big hand gestures and sometimes twirling.

Okay, a lot of twirling. But hey, I’m celebrating right?

Realizations? I love the long run. I prefer half-marathon distances to 5 and 10 km races.

Another marathon? I think that’s very likely.

For living well with type 1, for life in general. Here’s your Monday Motivation:


IMG_0094Bummed to have missed Connected in Motion‘s Slipstream this year so sent some active vibes their way during my workout yesterday.





5 signs I’m running my first marathon tomorrow. Insert. Happiness.

1. After a long chill, the sun came out today and I did my last jog before THE BIG ONE.


2. While picking up this haul, my cashier tells me she is also someone who lives with type 1 diabetes. Co-incidence? I think not!

We don't have Level Foods in Canada-so I'm stocking up! It's been my go-to for running and triathlon training. I will be loaded with it tomorrow. 



3. I got a sweet Facebook message from an old running buddy wishing me luck. I bumped into him during a big runners dinner the night before here in Orlando. This man is the sweetest-and his positive energy just rubbed off on me. He told me to just enjoy it and my response to that is-I WILL SOAK UP ALL THAT AMAZING ENERGY.

4. Splish slash my legs feel primed after this fun swim this afternoon.


5. Although I’m excited, I’m not nervous. I trained hard. I can do the distance. If something happens, it happens. It’s the process-not the medal, not the bragging rights, not anything else.

Thank you for all of your support. My next blog will be all about the marathon.

Hugs, high fives and fist bumps. DOC-you helped me get here.

Thank you.


Training for a marathon with type 1 diabetes. Hitting peak week and the glory of the taper.

I’m walking down the stairs backwards. I’ve got a swagger walk with no swagger. Ah, it’s the sign of finishing my longest distance to date- 32 km (19.8 miles) and it wasn’t pretty.

My bg’s seemed stable throughout but my stomach was another issue. 5 km (3.1 miles) in I had to make a dash to the ladies. With my tummy in knots the run overall was painful. Legs were seizing and it was just plain ugly.

95% of my marathon training was done on the treadmill and here are some tips to keep your mind distracted.

  • Netflix. As much Netflix as you can get.
  • YouTube “running music” and pick your favourite hour-long mixes or create your own playlist
  • Play games on your iPad or tablet. I can get away with this because I’m not running at a fast pace. Don’t expect to win at whatever game you are playing though. Your slippery, sweaty hands won’t let you.
  • Visualize your race. Today’s run was all about imagining myself at the start line, hitting each km/mile and finishing strong.

Up to this point the biggest lesson has been to let go of the self criticism when it comes to my bg levels. I reminded myself that I’ve never done this training before. I reminded myself that the road isn’t supposed to be easy but that it will totally be worth it.

I want to thank everyone in the DOC for their support! This online family has really kept me motivated and inspired. Special thanks to Shawn Shepheard & my triathlete sister and good friend Anne Marie Hospod (who is doing her first IRONMAN!). Thank you for the texts pre, during and post-run.


Now to taper! For non-runners, taper means that my training will significantly decrease and that the bulk of the “hard” stuff is over.

I love to exercise but I am REALLY looking forward to this taper time.

Happy running,


3 tips for your first marathon with type 1 diabetes

 2 years and 3 months since diagnosis.

5 weeks into a 16 week training program for the Disney Marathon. My first. Race date? January 2014.

Here are 3 tips that have really helped me in tackling this distance so far. Share with me your advice 🙂



We have soccer, crossfit, and swim coaches…running should be no different. When you step out of leisure running and want to complete distances like the half or full marathon, I strongly suggest hiring a coach. You don’t have to shell out big bucks either. Work out a barter system with someone or negotiate a deal.

For me, I hired a coach who is a good friend of mine. We worked out a great system where we both helped each other out with the skills we have. This will be one of the best investments you make into your running. She knows my personality, the challenges I face with t1d and all my other health challenges that come into play.

2. IMG_2743

Type 1 author/speaker and good friend Shawn Shepheard once told me, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

In training. In career. In life.

Be ruthless. Make sure that those around you are supporting your goals (whether it be a marathon or something else). Good people motivate, inspire and keep you accountable.

3. IMG_2744

Nailed a run with smooth bg’s? Finished a great workout when you really didn’t feel like hitting the gym?

Maybe you passed a certain mileage point or hit a PR.

It’s important to treat yourself for the mini milestones but also just for taking part in the process altogether. We all know t1d is unpredictable. You’re a star.

Happy running!



I signed up for my first marathon! Walt Disney World here I come!



The above photo was taken right from my subway station bench seat. This was minutes after I signed up for my FIRST MARATHON <–I can’t believe I just wrote that.

The race will be the Walt Disney Marathon 2015.

I’m looking at this marathon as my first and possibly only. Out of all the races I’ve seen and heard about, I knew this would be “the one”.

Most Disney races sell out fast, so when I found out that registration opened, my fingers started frantically pressing the keys on the screen. Then poof. I was in!

My friends and I talked about the idea of Disney but it never went further then that. However come registration day a BBM message “You in?” got me and my friend Rebecca signing up simultaneously.

Side note, Rebecca’s sister is type 1. That automatically makes her an extra special 5.5er.

Later in the week I was heading to a hot yoga class with Rebecca. When I walked into the studio, this was the first sign I saw.


Why do you run/walk/exercise? For me it brings me a sense of calm. My brain rests. I feel free. And most of all I feel strong and I…

That hot yoga session had me in such an amazing place. I daydreamed of crossing the finish line all throughout class. Even a low during the first 5 minutes of class didn’t phase me.

Have any of you run Disney? Been a spectator? Would love to hear your experiences.

I’m so excited & happy.