I signed up for my first marathon! Walt Disney World here I come!



The above photo was taken right from my subway station bench seat. This was minutes after I signed up for my FIRST MARATHON <–I can’t believe I just wrote that.

The race will be the Walt Disney Marathon 2015.

I’m looking at this marathon as my first and possibly only. Out of all the races I’ve seen and heard about, I knew this would be “the one”.

Most Disney races sell out fast, so when I found out that registration opened, my fingers started frantically pressing the keys on the screen. Then poof. I was in!

My friends and I talked about the idea of Disney but it never went further then that. However come registration day a BBM message “You in?” got me and my friend Rebecca signing up simultaneously.

Side note, Rebecca’s sister is type 1. That automatically makes her an extra special 5.5er.

Later in the week I was heading to a hot yoga class with Rebecca. When I walked into the studio, this was the first sign I saw.


Why do you run/walk/exercise? For me it brings me a sense of calm. My brain rests. I feel free. And most of all I feel strong and I…

That hot yoga session had me in such an amazing place. I daydreamed of crossing the finish line all throughout class. Even a low during the first 5 minutes of class didn’t phase me.

Have any of you run Disney? Been a spectator? Would love to hear your experiences.

I’m so excited & happy.






PHOTOS & Recap of the Power of Movement, Arthritis Research Foundation yoga fundraiser Toronto

Today I took part in Power of Movement, a yoga fundraiser for the Arthritis Research Foundation. Click on the photos below to follow the day’s events.

I blogged about the event earlier this month and why the cause has special meaning to me.

The Sheraton Hotel was a new and refreshing venue. The pretty lights above and big open carpeted space made for a comfy place to spend the morning. Yoga instructors David Good and Lisa Greenbaum led the class together. I really loved the format of them taking turns and felt they complimented each other well. Thanks for the lovely chat afterwards, you two both have an amazing energy.

Thank you to everyone who donated and provided me well wishes. Power of Movement, I’ll be back next year!

Follow Power of Movement on Facebook and Twitter.


Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated by the Power of Movement or any affiliated companies to write this post. My cousin Sabrina Young is the national event co-ordinator of Power of Movement and that’s how I found out about the event. This fundraiser is one I personally believe in.