Just hold on we’re going home: Sebastien Sasseville nears Quebec

Sebastien Sasseville is no Drake.

And even if he were a rapper, Sebastien would have to give up the heavy chains to do what he’s doing. Who wants to do that?!

The 6 time Ironman is, after all, running across Canada to raise diabetes awareness.

It’s a 7500 km, 180 back to back marathon run called Outrun Diabetes.

“It’s hard to do these things alone.” (Totally missed this great line the first time I posted. Thanks Kim!)

Start: February 2014 in St. John’s Newfoundland. Goal? Make it to Vancouver by November 14th for World Diabetes Day.

Talk about epic eh? <–How’s that for Canadian.

Here’s the latest: The type 1 diabetic athlete is just 6 km outside of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. Soon he’ll be crossing the border once more, this time into his home province of Quebec.

Sebastien wished for company during his run, but he didn't say who! |Courtesy Outrun Diabetes |

Sebastien wished for company during his run in New Brunswick, but he didn’t say who! |Courtesy Outrun Diabetes |

Grand Falls, New Brunswick. | Courtesy of SebInspires Instagram |

Grand Falls, New Brunswick. | Courtesy of SebInspires Instagram |

“Feels awesome! Can’t wait to see friends and family,” Sebastien told me via text message last night.

No doubt he’ll get a hero’s welcome. Not only that, in about two weeks he’s moving into this sweet RV.

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes Instagram

“It will help a lot especially for nutrition,” said Sebastien.

Imagine moving from hotel to hotel, along a lonely highway for months on end. His new home should be a big help in being able to better plan meals and have more stock on hand.

Here’s Sebastien’s latest update with Shawn Shepheard of the Diabetes Champion Network. We get to see Outrun Diabetes logistics man Patrick St-Martin on the video too (there he is in the thumbnail below, right).

OneTouch will also be providing updates on Sebastien’s journey. Check out this first video.

Now, let’s look at what we hardly see Sebastien doing, sitting!

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Sebastien Sasseville and Outrun Diabetes logistics manager Patrick St-Martin in New Brunswick taking a much-deserved rest. | Courtesy Outrun Diabetes |

If you live in Quebec, get ready to party! Sebastien is almost home.

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Make sure to follow Patrick’s Instagram account too.

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