5 signs I’m running my first marathon tomorrow. Insert. Happiness.

1. After a long chill, the sun came out today and I did my last jog before THE BIG ONE.


2. While picking up this haul, my cashier tells me she is also someone who lives with type 1 diabetes. Co-incidence? I think not!

We don't have Level Foods in Canada-so I'm stocking up! It's been my go-to for running and triathlon training. I will be loaded with it tomorrow. 



3. I got a sweet Facebook message from an old running buddy wishing me luck. I bumped into him during a big runners dinner the night before here in Orlando. This man is the sweetest-and his positive energy just rubbed off on me. He told me to just enjoy it and my response to that is-I WILL SOAK UP ALL THAT AMAZING ENERGY.

4. Splish slash my legs feel primed after this fun swim this afternoon.


5. Although I’m excited, I’m not nervous. I trained hard. I can do the distance. If something happens, it happens. It’s the process-not the medal, not the bragging rights, not anything else.

Thank you for all of your support. My next blog will be all about the marathon.

Hugs, high fives and fist bumps. DOC-you helped me get here.

Thank you.


Training for a marathon with type 1 diabetes. Hitting peak week and the glory of the taper.

I’m walking down the stairs backwards. I’ve got a swagger walk with no swagger. Ah, it’s the sign of finishing my longest distance to date- 32 km (19.8 miles) and it wasn’t pretty.

My bg’s seemed stable throughout but my stomach was another issue. 5 km (3.1 miles) in I had to make a dash to the ladies. With my tummy in knots the run overall was painful. Legs were seizing and it was just plain ugly.

95% of my marathon training was done on the treadmill and here are some tips to keep your mind distracted.

  • Netflix. As much Netflix as you can get.
  • YouTube “running music” and pick your favourite hour-long mixes or create your own playlist
  • Play games on your iPad or tablet. I can get away with this because I’m not running at a fast pace. Don’t expect to win at whatever game you are playing though. Your slippery, sweaty hands won’t let you.
  • Visualize your race. Today’s run was all about imagining myself at the start line, hitting each km/mile and finishing strong.

Up to this point the biggest lesson has been to let go of the self criticism when it comes to my bg levels. I reminded myself that I’ve never done this training before. I reminded myself that the road isn’t supposed to be easy but that it will totally be worth it.

I want to thank everyone in the DOC for their support! This online family has really kept me motivated and inspired. Special thanks to Shawn Shepheard & my triathlete sister and good friend Anne Marie Hospod (who is doing her first IRONMAN!). Thank you for the texts pre, during and post-run.


Now to taper! For non-runners, taper means that my training will significantly decrease and that the bulk of the “hard” stuff is over.

I love to exercise but I am REALLY looking forward to this taper time.

Happy running,