A poem from a stranger, and an Instagram post from me

Here’s a little hump day message from me to you.

Last night I also found this great post online and thought I’d share.

They say that I am chronically ill. That I have a disability.

They say that I won’t live my full life expectancy. That I will lose my sight and my legs.

They say that I won’t be able to reach my full potential in life. That my choices are limited.

They say that I have faulty genetics. That I could pass this on to my children.

They say that I will have to take insulin for the rest of my life. That it’s the
best they can do.

They say that I can’t eat this. That I can’t drink that.

They say that I got this from eating too much sugar. That it was somehow my fault.

They say that I have to do better. That perfection is possible.

They say that it must be really hard to live with this. That they feel bad for me.

They say that there is no cure for this. That I will have this for the rest of my life.

I was never one to listen to what they say:)


By Christopher Hanley, a type 1 athlete in Ontario who says he loves any physical activity that involves his kids.

“Running, chasing, playing and going to the park. I love hiking the Morrison Valley and trail system in Oakville. When the weather doesn’t cooperate then it is usually weights and the treadmill.”

Thank you Christopher for sharing this amazing piece with the world.

You can follow Christopher on Twitter here.

Happy hump day everyone!