Vacationing, Type 1 Diabetes & Exercise


Bon Voyage (to me) !

I’m heading away somewhere hot (to be decided at this point), but I know for a fact I’ll be plopped on a beach, tanning, swimming, and singing out loud to the discomfort of the strangers around me.

It’s my mission to escape the Canadian cold for just a little while.

Just to be clear, I really do love the crisp fall air as it’s perfect running weather. 

Now enter that little uncomfortable grumbling in my belly. This will be my first vacation outside of North America. Last year I ventured to Pennsylvania for three days but other then that, I’ve been in province. I’m a bit nervous!

As I usually do, I took to the Twitterverse to ask for your help! Here are some great suggestions I got from Jen Grieves aka. MissJenGrieves,  Jolene aka. Yoga_Pumper, Anne Marie Hospod aka. SweetRunMDSara Nita aka. NitaCure4T1D & JDRFAdvoacy.



1. Purchase a Frio to keep insulin cool. Your insulin is no good when it’s boiling under the hot sun. Or freezing in the Arctic.

2. Pack double the amount of all supplies just in case of emergency. That includes a spare pump, extra insulin pen etc.

3. Obtain a letter from a doctor instructing security officials about passing through x-rays with a pump, carrying an insulin pen and lancets etc. on board, whatever needs to be clarified before your vacation. Better safe than sorry.

4. Carry all supplies on board with you. It guarantees you’ll have it when you land. This can’t always be said of your checked luggage.

So here’s what I need to do: compile a list of must-have’s for the trip, and make sure I feel safe so far away from home with all my supplies so I can vacation, exercise and enjoy myself! Yes, I’m that person in the hotel gym for over an hour or running the streets of my vacation city.

Diabetes supply list for happy vacationing and out of town exercise: 

  • Insulin Pen (x2)
  • Lancets (10)
  • Pricker (x3)
  • Test Strips (100)
  • Alcohol wipes (10 individual packs)
  • Glucose Tabs (5 Dex 4 bottles)
  • Needles (10)
  • Extra batteries for metre or charging device
  • Stevia packets (20)
  • Glucagon (1)
  • Letter front doctor
  • Vaccinations for international travel
  • Know the location of the nearest hospital and english speaking doctors
  • Extra antibiotics
  • Proper footwear to protect your feet
  • Road ID bracelet
  • CamelBak Podium Chill water bottle (I like that these bottles never leak, are great for cycling and are easy to clean. I also bang these around a lot and they seem to take it pretty well.
  • e Load Endurance Powder in zip lock bags (4) I take this during long rides/runs and it keeps my bg’s pretty steady. I also like the taste!
  • HammerGel Recoverite in zip lock bags (4) I take this after heavy weight sessions and after intense training events. 
  • SPI Belt (or whatever you need to carry all your goodies on the go). I don’t run without it. I also keep it poolside when I’m training too).


Helpful Links

JDRF Advocacy’s article on traveling with diabetes

Jessica at blog Mastering Me has a great article on traveling with type 1. Her experience when trekking in Asia.

Am I missing anything? What do you think of the list?

Peace, Type 1 & Exercise,