Retina eye exam. I kind of love it?


When I leave a doctor’s office, I want to feel as though I’ve walked away with a big overflowing gift basket.

Inside would be all kinds of treats that would sustain me until my next visit.

I definitely felt that way after my last optometrist appointment.

Here’s what I got (lifts red blue checkered cloth):

A relaxed, uplifting atmosphere: When the overall vibe of a doctor’s office is friendly, I believe it makes the world of difference to everyone involved. From a patient perspective, the more comfortable I am, the more likely I will open up and be receptive to what is said.

New information: I left armed with a greater understanding of how diabetes effects blood vessels in the eye. Like every yearly visit, I got my retina assessment done (cost not covered by the Ontario government) where they took a picture of my whole eye, all the way to the back.


My doctor went through it all, the different parts of the eye, what he looks for when he examines. Although truth be told I don’t retain much of what he says, my mind grasps onto a few points. Bit by bit my diabetes information jar is filling.

Feeling empowered: I felt like I had control over my eye health. Healthy blood glucose levels= healthy eyes. I can’t control everything, but the things that I can, I will.

I find going to the eye doctor fun. It’s like a game. Slide A or slide B? Follow my finger, look into the light. Focus on the little farm-house picture inside this machine.

Is there any medical appointment that you enjoy going to?