My favourite tech gadgets for staying healthy

I’m tech-happy. Are you? Here are some of my favourite apps and gadgets that keep me on track (click photos to enlarge and browse):

1. My Fitness Pal app (free)

I try to track everything that goes into my body with this app.

  • Love the scan feature where you can grab the nutrition label off of anything with a bar code
  • Has opened my eyes to what I’m eating every. single. day.
  • Ability to track workouts & give estimates to how much you need to replenish

Visit their website here.

2. Nike Plus app (free)

Nike + tracks my run, pace, calories burned, tags which shoes I’m wearing, a place for notes and automatically documents the weather when I’m running outdoors.

  • Share runs through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Enter challenges with your Nike + friends, chat & encourage each other
  • New Coach feature (which provides detailed schedules for any race distance). I’m using it as a program guide for my second half-marathon.

Visit the Nike + website here.

3. Nike Fuel Band (Around $150 CAN)

Earn points for movement + share on social media outlets. See time, track steps, calories burned and sync to the app via bluetooth. This has shown me the importance of moving at all hours throughout the day. Read more here.

4. Nike Training Club app (free)

NTC are workouts created by top trainers and athletes which include pictures/video. Tons of different routines. Varying times/intensity/styles and can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. This challenges me big time! I never get bored of these. More info here.

5. Road ID app (free)

This is a new app in the beta phase but I’m so excited about it! Road ID enables your lock screen to show your emergency information. When you go out on the road, you can have e-mail notifications sent to friends at certain points, and an alert is also sent if you stop moving. Find out more about the app here. Download it and also receive 10 % off your next Road ID purchase. Yay! What are your go-to apps for keeping active? Jess 😀