The Type 1 Update at Mount Sinai on World Diabetes Day

How did you spend World Diabetes Day?

I know some of you in Toronto area had your butts glued to the theatre seats at Mount Sinai Hospital, listening to Sebastien Sasseville.

ICYMI: Sebastien ran ACROSS CANADA. He crossed his personal finish line in Vancouver on World Diabetes Day a year ago. Has it really been that long?

He was one of the highlights at this year’s Animas Type 1 Update.

I wasn’t there (announcement-I’m moving! Second obvious announcement- I am up to my eyeballs in things to-do to make this move as smooth as possible).

Luckily, I was able to grab some snapshots of what happened via Twitter and Facebook. This event is one of my favourites and I have been to it EVERY TIME since I’ve been diagnosed. I was bummed I couldn’t attend this year, but happy that I could have a look into the speeches via social media.

Here’s a graphic I made from Seb’s speech. Thank you Sandy for the awesome tweets!

Sebastien Sasseville Quote 2


Here are some of the tweets!


This one from Animas gal Sandy Struss.


Lorraine is an RDE, CDE. Every time I hear Lorraine speak, I learn something a bit mind-boggling about diabetes. Here’s what I learned earlier last year at the same event:


Temperature?! Cooking method? I knew diabetes was complex but had no idea these things effect your bg’s.


Another totally “What the what” situation for me? The CGM which I have named Lumiere (because he lights up at night, my life and satisfies my Beauty and the Beast love awwwww), has been a real eye-opener for me.

There were some foods I thought were working with my body smoothly and others I thought I needed to stay away from. Lumiere let me look into what was happening in between the two hours pre and post meal.


Now back to #T1Update15. The 3 S’s. L-R: Animas Tough Mudder champion Sandy, Sebastien and Master of Ceremonies Shawn Shepheard. Captain Steven C. Steele was on board too to talk about his piloting career.


Lastly, a confession.

It’s been very very difficult to keep up my diabetes blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I do my best, but I have started my own business now which eats up a lot of my time.

I’ve really been consumed with guilt over this, but today I declare after World Diabetes Day that I shouldn’t need to feel so badly.

I am living out my dreams as an entrepreneur and not letting diabetes stop me in any way. Not letting my seizures take away my push for gold. Refusing to let my hearing impairment stop me from enjoying social events.

It may not be displayed on social media but this, I realized, is the best example I can be to others living with type 1 diabetes.

I’m doing what I want, making dreams a reality, being focused on positive friends and family. This month and further on I refuse to put myself down because I am doing everything I ever wanted-with a little insulin on the side.

If you ever need a reminder of how to live well with diabetes, get out there and attend events like this one. Be informed. Be empowered. Most of all, appreciate the time we have on this earth.

Given recent world events I think it’s safe to say we are all being reminded that life is oh-so precious and we need to enjoy all the life that we have.




Type 1 update at Mount Sinai is back + it’s my 3rd time at the SAME d-event?! #t1update15

I love the internet and all, but let’s meet IRL (in real life)!



I’ll be at the Animas Type 1 update at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto on Saturday April 11th.

As you can see in the above photo, the hash tag has been set (#t1update15), so get your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram game on.  Get ready for information and more importantly, inspiration.

This year will be my 3rd time attending the SAME event. You can read my blog on last year’s event here.

Plus, here’s my 2014 Type 1 update profile highlight. Guest speaker Terrence Teixeira: Canadian triathlete, adventure-seeker and all round type 1 super star. Read it here

It still shocks me how quickly time flies, and how much changes as the years go on.

I’m excited to see familiar faces but equally thrilled to hopefully meet new friends as well. If you see me (I’ll be the one snapping lots of photos), don’t hesitate to come say hello!

Details below. Don’t forget to RSVP by e-mailing or call 905-464-4939.

Type 1 update poster


Animas Canada has kindly chosen to support me with the Dexcom CGM as I continue to train and advocate for active living with type 1 diabetes . I believe in full transparency and appreciate that Animas Canada does not review or approve my blog posts. They want me to share my honest experience with the device. All opinions and posts are purely my own. There is a permanent link on my page on this sponsorship which you can read here

CONCEPTT type 1 diabetes pregnancy trial participants get 50/50 chance of free CGM use. Do you qualify?

Type one diabetic? Pregnant? Planning on it?

Qualified trial participants will get a 50 per cent chance of free continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) during pregnancy.

The trial is called CONCEPTT (<–that’s not a typo, there are two T’s).

The goal of this study is to compare the effects of adding CGM to standard therapy versus standard therapy without CGM.

| CONCEPTT trial brochure |

What is the CONCEPTT trial?

  • Study is a randomized, open-label controlled trial funded by JDRF
  • Launched a year ago in Canada, UK, Spain, Italy and the US
  • Qualified participants have a 50/50 chance of receiving a CGM sensor 
  • Those who receive a CGM will use it until 24 weeks after enrollment or if you get pregnant, until completion of your pregnancy
  • You do not have to pay for the sensor & the rest of your care will remain the same
  • You will have the same number of visits to your endocrinologist as usual
  • Blood will be collected and if you are pregnant and deliver, blood from the baby’s umbilical cord will be collected and tested for information about the baby’s insulin levels. This does not hurt the baby.

| CONCEPTT trial brochure |

Participation is 100 per cent voluntary. You may leave at any time without affecting your care.

Do I qualify?

  • Women must either be planning to conceive within six months or be in early pregnancy, up to 13 weeks.
  • They also must be willing to wear the CGM device 24 hours/day. Read more here.

How to find out more

Speak to your own caregiver or contact:

Investigator Dr. Denice Feig at 416-586-8590 or co-ordinator Ms Barbara Cleave at 416-586-8590 ext. 2622

Mount Sinai Hospital

60 Murray St., 5th floor

Toronto, Ontario

Read more:

Optimizing pregnancy outcomes for type 1 diabetes ‘moms-to-be’

I met the co-ordinator of this study, Barbara Cleave at the JDRF Infosium in March. Read my post on the event here Protection Status


Animas Annual Type 1 Diabetes Update Event at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

photo 1-2

Attending the Annual Type 1 Diabetes Update last year marked many firsts.

It was the first…

  • diabetes-related event I attended outside of my own hospital
  • hang out with my very first type 1 diabetic friend
  • chance meeting members of Connected in Motion
  • face to face encounter with a pump
  • hearing other type 1’s speak about their experiences
  • time eating lunch with other t1d’s (all-round checking bg’s and giving insulin? yes please!)

I was nervous, terrified actually. But when the day came to an end, I walked away feeling more confident, excited about new friendships and armed with more information about how to live well with t1d.

What a difference a year makes.

Last year’s speaker Shawn Shepheard was a stranger. Now he’s a friend and was this year’s master of ceremonies.

photo 2-1

Connected in Motion was an organization I looked at from afar, not sure I’d have the guts to actually attend an event. Now I’ve completed my first half-marathon proudly wearing their logo as I crossed the finish line. I also attended my first d-meetup with them playing trampoline dodgeball.

At the end of the Annual Type One Diabetes Update last year, I won a raffle to CIM’s Slipstream in the City event. Slipstream in the City was my first t1d outing with my parents and friend, another big step.

CIM’s Jen Hanson took to the mic this year to speak about traveling with diabetes.

Read Jen’s tips about exploring the world with type 1 diabetes here. 

photo 4-1

Before, during break and after the presentations I looked around the exhibit room floor and saw many familiar faces. Thinking back to last year, it has been an amazing journey to now.


Getting out there and connecting with others has made a huge difference. For me, much of that started here.


You can access all the informative tweets about the event via Connected in Motion’s Storify (a collection of tweets and photos). I’ll have another blog post on triathlete Terrence Teixeira’s presentation about being an athlete with t1d later on.