Break out the mic. Adele’s Hello lyrics-type 1 diabetes style

I love Adele. Here’s a fun twist to her hit song Hello.
Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d really like to leave
and just end everything
They say that time’s supposed to heal ya
But I ain’t done much healing

Hello, can you hear me?

I’m so tired of this roller coaster and what it does to me
When I was younger and free
I didn’t know how that I was feeling freedom from type 1 diabetes

There’s such a difference in my pancreas
And a million pricks

Hello from the other side
I must have prayed a thousand times
To tell you I’m tired of all the highs and lows

But when I do all the right things, you never seem to to let go
Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I’ve tried
To do my best to try to manage this disease
But it don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t make a difference anymore.

Hello, how are you?

It’s so typical of me to put the blame on myself. I’m sorry.
Will a cure come soon?
Would you ever understand the pain and tears that have encompassed me?

And it’s no secret that the both of us
Are running out of time

So hello from the other side (other side)
I must have tested a thousand times (thousand times)

But you know that but still don’t care
And when I ask for a day off, you never seem to respond

Hello from the outside (outside)
At least I can say that I’ve tried (I’ve tried)
To tell you I’ve given my all to make sure I’m healthy
But it don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t mean anything anymore.