Sebastien Sasseville runs home to Quebec celebrations, passes 2,000km mark


Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Celebrate 2,000 km of running and nearly 3 months of one extreme adventure. How? With a whip cream pie to the face.

Sebastien Sasseville (above photo, centre) is the face of Outrun Diabetes, a solo 7,500km run across Canada to raise awareness about diabetes and to inspire others to live life to the fullest

Outrun Diabetes logistics man Patrick St-Martin (above, left) got fancy, dressed up with a bow-tie along a lonely stretch of highway, to surprise Sebastien on his milestone.

Here’s a video of how it all went down.

Note: This video is in French and even if you don’t understand, it’s important to watch to the end.

Last week Sebastien Sasseville entered his home province, Quebec. You better believe he’s been partying as friends, family and fans welcome him back.

So what do you do when you’re on home turf?

For starters, cheer for the Habs while tackling the kilometres.


Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

And eat carbs. Really. Good. Carbs.

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Have lunch with mom at home

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes


And name the RV. Drum roll please…..the name of the Outrun Diabetes RV is….Charlotte!

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Courtesy Outrun Diabetes

Shawn Shepheard got all the latest updates with Sebastien. Here’s the last video.


What you need to know in 5 (video recap)

  1. Sebastien is still smiling but the extreme running is taking its toll. “My legs aren’t getting any fresher.”
  2. Making it this far? Sebastien is surprised. “I didn’t know how things would go. I feel a lot of support. The legs are…still running. All the events and stuff we’re doing it definitely is giving us a lot of energy to continue doing what we’re doing. All is well.”
  3. During his run through Quebec, expect more French content from Outrun Diabetes.
  4. Help spread the word by liking & sharing Outrun Diabetes content on social media. Sebastien also likes food and massages. Get in touch if you can help. (See contact information below)
  5. Every Friday, Outrun Diabetes announces a Fan of the Week. You get a bright shiny disco ball mailed to your house for doing something kind to support the cause.

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