Timesulin: a sale in Canada rn + help bring them to all of North America

Whip out the pen, it’s time to inject!

I don’t like needles, but taking out my insulin pen usually means I’m about to eat… and I love to eat.

Despite my best efforts, sometimes I forget if I’ve taken my shot. Then I’m left with the dilemma: Do I give myself another dose? Or just wait it out and see what happens?

After posting a Facebook status similar to this…



A few people recommended Timesulin.

With permission | Timesulin


Timesulin is a replacement cap for your insulin pen. It provides a timer that lets you know the last time you took off the cap. Pretty genius!


Timesulin products are available in Canada through Diabetes Express. I checked and right now they are $10 off selling at $29.99 each.

Currently the company is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the FDA approval process in the US.

If Timesulin reaches their goal, Canadians will be eligible for a special discount on their products if they donate at the $69 USD level.

Photo with permission, Timesulin

Photo with permission, Timesulin

Unfortunately there’s no Timesulin product for my particular pen at the moment, but the idea behind it sounds great and extremely helpful for pen users like me. The customer service I did get from the company was fantastic, and they e-mailed me asking for help spreading the word on their US campaign. After some research, I decided to write up a short post (for us Canadians of course!)

Help support your friends across the border get access to this product and/or take advantage of the ongoing sale here.

Now for the song that instantly popped into my head when I first heard about Timesulin…