My favourite diabetes blog week entries!


My memory is fuzzy, but work with me.

I THINK I tried to participate in Diabetes Blog Week before but this year around, I know I definitely did NOT.

I’ve been really working on a digital cleanse and re-organization as of late (more on that later!). Be that as it may, Diabetes Blog Week is such a fun way for us all to bond.

Although I did not take part, I DID read and here are a few of my favourite entries from the past week (whether you participated officially or not).

3 of my favourite #DBLOGWEEK

Learned a fantastic tip about how to remember to change lancets + an honest look into her views on the online diabetes world. Scully’s Diabetes Blog Week day 4 entry on changes. 

Ironman-in-training Anne Marie, another type 1 athlete, talks about the reality of the upcoming big race and the sacrifices that need to be made. Cheer her on! Read it here.

Scott had me in near tears with this entry. Scott, your posts have helped me so much throughout the years. Please know that. Whatever you do, know that you are so respected.



Check out Karen at BitterSweetDiabetes. She’s got all the info and deets on #DBlogWeek.

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories.