CGM ON. Day 1 of my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor trial

Sunday. At Starbucks. Jacked up on an iced coffee, I put on my first continuous glucose monitor.

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Ready, set, watch bg’s

It takes two hours to get the Dexcom running and I can tell you it was a LONG wait.

After driving home, I paced, stared at the screen and ogled at this little device now sticking to my body.


The perfect distraction was all the messages I got on social media. Within minutes of posting about my Dexcom trial, one woman offered to mail me Skin Tac (she was in the UK!), and so many others gave great tips such as…

  • not to panic if I see the “???” sign on the Dexcom as it will usually correct itself and that it does not mean something is wrong
  • to stay calm and not stress about getting used to a new device
  • not getting discouraged with seeing the full bg picture during physical activity
  • eat realistically
  • being aware of sweat/water, tight vs. loose clothing and what kind of beating the device will take for various kinds of activity

FINALLY, it was time! Two back-to-back bg’s with my regular meter to calibrate and then poof. It was working.


Within the first 15 minutes of putting it on, I had a slight low. It was REALLY NEAT to see as I treated, what was happening with my bg’s. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon just marveling at it.


CGM’s are just amazing. I’m extremely thankful that I have access to this type of amazing technology, even if it’s just for a week. Some people will never get to use one or even have regular access to insulin for that matter.

I’m going to enjoy every moment of this.

Excited to document 7 days of CGM,

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