Connected in Motion’s rock climbing event at Joe Rockhead’s Climbing Gym

Rough hands, sore arms and a sweaty Jess!

Saturday was Connected in Motion‘s rock climbing event. Emotion review: a mixed bag of happiness, anxiousness, and this-is-frightening-but-awesome.

Our instructors Kale and Melissa showed us how to strap, clip and tie ourselves to rock climbing safety bliss.

I actually met Kale at the last Connected in Motion event, a trampoline dodgeball tournament. My blog on that here.

Kale is an excellent teacher. How can you forget a rope tying method that includes phrases like ‘strangling and punching someone in the face?’

So we started with the basics (click to enlarge and browse with captions)

Have to admit, I was a little paranoid about my rope tying.¬†After all, it’s a long way down if you’re wrong.

A quick bg check before getting the party started

Sipped on a water bottle with eLoad for extra carbs.

Sipped on a water bottle with eLoad for extra carbs.

Now it’s time to climb!

Thank you Becky for being my belay buddy and watching out for me.

Hello from the top!

Hello from the top!

In addition to climbing with a harness, we also tried tackling the walls minus the gear. Here is the bouldering wall.

It was great to see so many CIM people having a blast and conquering the task at hand.

Things were looking good in the bg department too!

All done! I could take a nap on that blue mat.

I’d definitely try rock climbing again. It gave my upper body the shock it needed by switching my routine (my forearms were sore afterwards) and being with a group of t1d’s is always the best mood booster.

There’s a certain comfort in attending more d-related activities and seeing familiar faces. One of the best decisions I’ve made during this journey is coming out to CIM events.

Thank you CIM!

Next up is a beach volleyball tournament called Bumps and Pumps. Friends, family, supporters, type 1’s, everyone is invited! Find out more here.

Flying solo or have a few friends who want to join? CIM is accommodating everyone. They’re pretty nice like that. Check out the event blog from last year with tons of photos here.¬†