Sebastien Sasseville #MCM t-shirts hit the market, Outrun Diabetes fans go crazy

#MCM? That’s the popular hashtag which stands for Man Crush Monday.

For those who don’t know, a trend every Monday on social media, especially Instagram, is to post a picture of a favourite guy celebrity, random stranger or boyfriend/husband.

Hashtag it #MCM and that means he’s your “Man crush Monday”.


This hashtag is all the rage and now, Canada’s own Sebastien Sasseville is “trending” as a #MCM.

*trending defined as myself and two of Sebastien’s friends, but just pretend it’s a lot of people k? 

He is, after all, RUNNING ACROSS Canada. The extreme athlete who lives with type 1 diabetes is calling his trek Outrun Diabetes. Goal: to inspire others and spread awareness about the disease. That’s hot right?

Since I’m following Sebastien’s progress and trying to give you guys timely updates (that’s my mission, to support t1d athletes in Canada!), people have been flooding my inbox with the most ridiculous questions.

Hi Jess,

OMG I can’t believe you got to talk to Sebastien! He’s so dreamy, even though he must smell so terrible at the end of his runs. I bet you get VIP access to everything Seb right? Are you going to interview him in person one day!? Can I come?! I won’t bother you and will stay out of the way.


Hey t1dactiveliving,

Can you get me Seb’s used shoes from his run? I’ll pay you. I’m serious.


Do I really need to go on here? And those were the two most tame comments I got.

Sebastien and I have a few friends in common and so together, we decided to take advantage of the craze and actually make some money. After all, we’re all type 1 diabetics and well we need to buy test strips.

Introducing the official Sebastien Sasseville #MCM shirt (click to enlarge and browse):

Watch the fashion show below


Sending lots of support and hopefully a few laughs to you Sebastien,

Shawn Shepheard, Anne Marie Hospod & Jessica

Disclaimer: This post is all in good fun. Please don’t take it seriously… unless you are offering me a lot of money for the shirt. If so, let’s talk. 

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Tutu mocking in Self Magazine? A Canadian type 1 diabetic athlete chimes in

I was a "running fairy" for my friend's very first 10km race.

I was a “running fairy” for my friend’s very first 10km race.

Self Magazine is getting a lot of heat for calling tutu-wearing during races lame.

Monika Allen was in the photo accompanying the statement. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and was in the midst of chemotherapy. Allen told the media she dressed as Wonder Woman with a blue tutu to give herself motivation.

Read the USA Today story here.

To make matters worse, she runs a company that makes tutus, which donates money to charity.

Allen had no idea her photo would be used the way that it was when the company asked for photo permission. The “tutus are lame” claim was listed under a section called the BS Meter.

In the running world and beyond, the story has gone viral. Self Magazine has apologized, but the damage has been done.

When I found out about this story, I immediately e-mailed my friend, fellow runner and type 1 athlete Anne Marie Hospod. She told me she addressed the news on Instagram.

Here was her post:

With permission via/ Anne Marie Hospod.

With permission via/ Anne Marie Hospod.


The whole hoopla surrounding the topic makes me think about mocking within the athletic world.

There’s those that make fun of cross-fit, people who don’t lift weights or runners who wear headphones. Are they REAL athletes?

You don’t have to wear moisture-wicking this or GPS that. Benching 3 times your body weight is irrelevant as is what you decide to wear race day.

If putting on cat ears and rainbow bright knee socks makes you happy when you get moving, do it.

Becoming active can be such an intimidating venture. Let’s put all the BS aside, move, and support each other.

My very first half-marathon. I wore a tutu to lift my spirits. It was my first big run after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and finding out about other health issues.

My very first half-marathon. I wore a tutu to lift my spirits. It was my first big run after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and finding out about other health issues.

Running in whatever makes me happy.