Diabetes Defense


Does this ever go away: When people speak about diabetes, I automatically get my back up. Is what you’re saying true? Do you even know what you are talking about?!

The fact is, I don’t know everything there is to know, and for someone who has lived with this disease for 4 years, my knowledge is pretty limited I’m sure.

If I flip the switch, I’m sure there are tons of instances where I have spoken about a medical condition or any topic for that matter-and in silence, maybe someone cringed at my ignorance.

So how can I feel better and more comfortable when the topic of diabetes comes up?


    1. Thanks for reading! Sometimes I feel so incredibly clueless. Do you have any tips on how you educated yourself? Sometimes I get so overwhelmed and then I don’t want to research or learn at all.


      1. Once you learn the rules, they change. Don’t be hard on yourself, there are so many factors that effect blood sugars that if we do get it right it’s only for a short period. I educate myself through a network of friends who are also T1 and finding medical professionals that actually want to support you in the way you want to live. Hope u have a support network you can tap into.

      2. BIG HUGS! And Happy World Diabetes Day to you. I am so lucky to have many close friends who are type 1. I’m still trying to find a health team that gets me. Sending lots of support your way. Thanks for the advice 😀
        I think being hard on myself is something I have to work on.

      3. And you.
        It always feels like we must have done something wrong when blood sugars go somewhere they shouldnt, so it’s easy to blame yourself but it provides no value to your life or mental well-being, just look at the number as a tool for a management decision and nothing else. It is what it is and we do the best we can with what we have.

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