The Concept of Time: Reflections after this Month’s JDRF #t1d Support Group


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Ah that old mantra meant for bachelor/bachelorette parties that leave little, if any, scandalous photo evidence.

That motto serves as the unspoken pact between the group. Everyone knows that anything that happens during Vegas time is off limits.


Same goes in our JDRF #t1d adult support group. Logic would tell you it’s hard to trust a bunch of people who for some, are often strangers, but there’s something about these people that make me feel safe.

There are times where I ask myself, “Why am I here? It’s out of the way and really, I think I’m managing okay.” Sometimes I even proclaim, “Nah, I don’t need to come back”. But EVERY. SINGLE. TIME…I end up returning.



The benefits can’t be explained well, because I can’t even describe the feeling I get. It’s just comfy. And nice. And I can say whatever without explaining. And I can be totally distant and quiet, loud and angry and it doesn’t matter. There’s really no judgement.

I’m sad to hear that these types of group don’t exist everywhere. How can we change that? What is the best way to make sure that everyone is able to be part of something like this?


  1. I wish we had groups like that around here too. Im in manchester uk, i have ptsd and psychosis. I just started blogging today and ive joined a few online support groups on facebook, they are really good to be a part of, but i can imagine the benefits of a physical support group.


    1. Thanks for commenting and I hope there’s some way to in your area to connect with others. Perhaps there’s a way to make a call-out online somehow to see if there’s interest? Being face to face really has its benefits. Just being in a room physically with others provides a sense of comfort. Let me know how your online journey unfolds. Sending you good wishes 🙂


  2. Oh Vegas 😉
    Great article, highlights some key factors society needs to address in finding more support groups!


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