Routine rebuild.

Have a look at my friend Anne Marie’s honest and motivating entry about training with type 1 😀 We all need motivation!

The Health Club with Dr. Anne Marie MacDonald

I knew that following a training plan last year was part of my success out on the course. I knew that having a coach nudge me along, as I dealt with insecurities and motivation valleys, was also incredibly important. Now as I try and get back onto a routine, I am realizing that these pieces are more than important. They are key pieces to the puzzle. I need to be accountable to someone. I need to have a laid out plan in front of me. I need those nudges, those pushes, those reminders, to get me out the door.

Getting back onto a workout routine has been challenging .The bike accident certainly has affected my ability to easily transition into the off season and I find myself frustrated that it has taken me this long to fully recover. I have managed to swim and attend a few spin classes, but…

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