For Nepal.

Couldn’t have said it better. Let us be so incredibly grateful for what we have. Thank you to Dr. Anne Marie Hospod, an Ironman-in-training with t1d for this thoughtful post.

The Health Club with Dr. Anne Marie MacDonald

Weeks until the full IM in Wisconsin: 20

Weeks until the half IM in Tremblant: 8

It feels wrong to talk about triathlon and training after a terrible natural disaster has shaken and devastated Nepal.  Knowing that a friend of mine was stationed at the Everest Base Camp (she is thankfully ok) has shaken me. We know life is fragile. Having type 1 diabetes reminds me of life’s fragility. Having lost my father at a young age reminds me to remain in the present moment. My challenges have allowed me to grow, and become someone who appreciates every little, wonderful, thing. And yet, as challenges come and go, we sometimes forget that this life really is beautiful. Stunning. The ability to laugh and connect with one another. To love. To share. We are so blessed. Events like this earthquake certainly remind us – in a brutal, quick, face-slapping way –…

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