Are you drowning or riding the wave? I need a type positive prospective

I’m a water baby. This was proof positive when I went to the aquarium and was so thrilled my face hurt after from smiling so much.

Tested my bg’s, whipped out Lumiere (what I’ve named my Dexcom-from Beauty and the Beast! Be…our…guest…), snapped a photo and then I got thinking.

In July it will be 3 years since my diagnosis. When I look back, it kind of scares me how deeply depressed I was.

I was drowning.

Things now are by no means perfect, but they are A LOT better.

On days when things aren’t going my way, I now know that I can ride the wave instead of feeling like I’m slowly hitting the bottom.

No matter what hits you this week, just remember to ride it out and keep swimming.



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