Now what? After the big race…

I’ve been singing Disney songs ever since my race. Aladdin. Little Mermaid. You name it, I’m singing it….poorly mind you but with big hand gestures and sometimes twirling.

Okay, a lot of twirling. But hey, I’m celebrating right?

Realizations? I love the long run. I prefer half-marathon distances to 5 and 10 km races.

Another marathon? I think that’s very likely.

For living well with type 1, for life in general. Here’s your Monday Motivation:


IMG_0094Bummed to have missed Connected in Motion‘s Slipstream this year so sent some active vibes their way during my workout yesterday.





  1. Oh I love it when you get one of those record banners in Nike plus! Have you got a many runs planned for the year? I’m trying to get signed up for a few as I’m going for my first marathon in October but Ireland has a lot less running events than I would like! Do you think you’ll come back for WDW Marathon next year?


    1. I would absolutely LOVE to come back to WDW for another marathon. It was such a great experience. Do you have a coach? I’m not sure how many runs I have planned this year. Last year I got too race happy and signed up for all kinds of events (running, triathlon, cycle) and my training overlapped too much and so it wasn’t the best season. This year I plan on tackling things in a more organized manner-aka. having a coach! She helps with scheduling, overall motivation and it’s great to be accountable to someone or to pick someone’s brain when things inevitably don’t go the way you planned it. Keep running and thank you for commenting 😀


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