I’m running my first marathon in just a few days! The bg/jitters breakdown for this runner with t1d!


Hello from hot hot cold Florida? It’s so chilly (not as bad as Toronto though) and it’s thrown me through a loop bg-wise.

No sweat though, I was out with my good friend (whose sister happens to have t1d as well), getting a good run to shake out the legs after the flight. 20 minutes of exploring our hood for the week. Of course I brought my Connected in Motion to represent.


During my time in the sky earlier today, I thought about a lot of things before I passed out and started drooling.

IMG_6157I thought about what an adventure it has been training for this marathon. I’ve made so many discoveries about my body. I’ve learned how predictable t1d can be. Most importantly, I’ve learned what I can achieve when my mind can focus.

So unpredictable weather? Pre-marathon jitters? Bring it ALL ON.



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