I signed up for my first marathon! Walt Disney World here I come!



The above photo was taken right from my subway station bench seat. This was minutes after I signed up for my FIRST MARATHON <–I can’t believe I just wrote that.

The race will be the Walt Disney Marathon 2015.

I’m looking at this marathon as my first and possibly only. Out of all the races I’ve seen and heard about, I knew this would be “the one”.

Most Disney races sell out fast, so when I found out that registration opened, my fingers started frantically pressing the keys on the screen. Then poof. I was in!

My friends and I talked about the idea of Disney but it never went further then that. However come registration day a BBM message “You in?” got me and my friend Rebecca signing up simultaneously.

Side note, Rebecca’s sister is type 1. That automatically makes her an extra special 5.5er.

Later in the week I was heading to aย hot yoga class with Rebecca. When I walked into the studio, this was the first sign I saw.


Why do you run/walk/exercise? For me it brings me a sense of calm. My brain rests. I feel free. And most of all I feel strong and I…

That hot yoga session had me in such an amazing place. I daydreamed of crossing the finish line all throughout class. Even a low during the first 5 minutes of class didn’t phase me.

Have any of you run Disney? Been a spectator? Would love to hear your experiences.

I’m so excited & happy.







  1. How exciting! Disney was my first (and possibly only) marathon – I did it back in 2005 and I know the WDW running events have grown SO much since then, so it’s probably like I ran a different race! I’d recommend reading some books about marathoning – Hal Higdon and John Bingham/Jenny Hadfield are my favorites. I wish I’d know more about training back then. Also, I wish I’d booked more time to enjoy Disney before flying home! Looking forward to following your journey…


    1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for the marathon reading recommendations. I booked already and will be there for a solid week. I think it will be fun to see everyone hobbling about after the race at DisneyWorld. I love Disney so I cannot wait! Thanks for your support as well. I’ll be sure to snap tons of photos and be live on social media while I’m there.


  2. As a veteran of 21 marathons, I can say with complete confidence that the Disney Marathon, which I ran in 2013, is the most fun race out there. I loved every second of it, from the Expo, to the gathering at the start, and every single one of the 26.2 miles. It’s definitely not the cheapest race, but you can see where every dollar goes — the entertainment is top-notch, everywhere and absolutely magical.

    It’s just sad it’s so far away. Pepper your training program with some halves to keep it interesting. Have fun!


    1. Dan, thank you for commenting. I’m very appreciative of all the advice I’ve gotten on this wonderful blogosphere from experienced runners.

      I know the Disney run is epic and will be amazing but it’s so nice to hear it from marathon vets like yourself. It reaffirms my choice. I haven’t been to Disney since I was little so it will be fun to go back to a place that holds so many wonderful memories. I think I’ve spent a little too much time searching for fun costumes to wear but hey, that’s part of the experience right?

      I’ll definitely see what other half-marathons I can do to keep up the mileage. Many thanks for your time ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. So exciting! I’ve never run it but I’ve heard it’s a really fun race! Hopefully one day I will find out! Look forward to reading about it ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thanks Kelley ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope one day you will find out too! I’ll be sure to document the process and include perhaps a very emotional and ugly cry face finish. Are there any other races you would a) do again or b) are wanting to try out because of good reviews? I heard the Vegas half-marathon (I believe) is fun. Running with all those lights and through resorts and malls. I somehow think running through a mall would be really joyous to me. Haha.


    1. iRunDiabetes approved?! YES! I’m really getting more excited after hearing more people talk about their positive experiences. Are you going to be running any Disney race this year? If so do let me know I would love to say hello in person.


  4. I’m really excited for you, I just signed up for my first half marathon today and as a T1D I am pretty terrified that something is going to go wrong while training or the day of the race that will keep me from finishing…. so its inspiring and reassuring to see other people’s confidence in the process. Good Luck! and I look forward to reading about your experiences!!


    1. What?!?! Major major congrats Caroline! I did my first half-marathon last October and I felt the same way. I was worried things might go bad too as it’s always nerve-wracking the first time. After I was done it really boosted my confidence. I had bad days and good days but in the end I really got to know my body a lot better and was able to have a fun, safe race. I try to look at races not too seriously. The fact that you did the training and committed yourself to an athletic goal, whatever that may be, is why you are at that start line. Even if you end up having to leave the race for whatever reason, you already won when you got there and made it to the start line. Never forget that! If you have any questions about running with t1d you can look back at my other entries or feel free to shoot me a message on my site. I’m no expert but I can definitely be there to offer whatever kind of support you need. We all need cheerleaders and just know I’m rooting for you. Best of luck to you and remember, you got this!


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