DSMA’s Blue Fridays- MC Hammer pants

Who grew up with MC Hammer? The hair, that side shuffle and those pants!

photo 2

Ultra comfy. Perfect for hot summer nights when you want leg coverage.

photo 1-1

Every Friday we wear blue to support those affected by diabetes.

Find out more about Blue Fridays here. Be sure to hashtag your fashions #BlueFridays.

If you have MC Hammer pants or not, enjoy this old school video:

My goal each week is to feature a unique form of blue to wear.

Hammer time,


My first virtual race and it includes a tutu medal!

I’m putting on my tutu and doing my first virtual race!

Full Medal Runs hosts virtual races in support of charity and I’m lacing up for a great organization called Girls On The Run.

It’s the same charity that Monika Allen supports through her tutu business called Glam Runner. The brain cancer patient was thrust in the spotlight after being mocked for wearing a tutu during a race in Self Magazine. She was going through chemo treatment at the time and dressed up to motivate herself.

Monika’s photo was published under a section called the “BS Meter”. The popular magazine received a flurry of public backlash. Self has since apologized.

Read the original post on t1dactiveliving here


Photo from Full Medal Runs website


The virtual run has a great name: Don’t Mess With My Tutu! You can sign up for varying distances and complete it when it’s convenient. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can take part!

There are official bibs, medals (of different colours! I chose pink) and different race distances.

I’ll be doing a half marathon.

I love how Monika Allen has used the incident to further help a charity close to her heart. Now, so many people around the world have donated to Girls On The Run and others have joined in to support like Full Medal Runs.

She’s turned something negative into a big positive, all the while staying respectful and classy. What a great example!

So the question now is…you in?

Let me know if you are participating and I’ll include your photos and experiences in my follow-up post.

Rocking the tutu,


Are you going to sign the Diabetes Charter for Canada?

What can a charter do for a nation?

The Canadian Diabetes Association‘s Diabetes Charter for Canada was unveiled on Monday. It also happened to be World Health Day.

Let’s face it. Charters aren’t exactly a fun read. And as I went line by line through it, I found myself doing eye rolls to the whole thing. Everything in this charter SHOULD be common sense.

I guess I’m a little sad that a document of this sort has to exist as a guideline at all, but it does.

Equality is not a given.

There are still acts of discrimination in our own backyard. Some Canadians struggle on a daily basis to get the care they need.

The Canadian Diabetes Association is inviting residents to sign the charter.

Get informed. Read more here.




A poem from a stranger, and an Instagram post from me

Here’s a little hump day message from me to you.

Last night I also found this great post online and thought I’d share.

They say that I am chronically ill. That I have a disability.

They say that I won’t live my full life expectancy. That I will lose my sight and my legs.

They say that I won’t be able to reach my full potential in life. That my choices are limited.

They say that I have faulty genetics. That I could pass this on to my children.

They say that I will have to take insulin for the rest of my life. That it’s the
best they can do.

They say that I can’t eat this. That I can’t drink that.

They say that I got this from eating too much sugar. That it was somehow my fault.

They say that I have to do better. That perfection is possible.

They say that it must be really hard to live with this. That they feel bad for me.

They say that there is no cure for this. That I will have this for the rest of my life.

I was never one to listen to what they say:)


By Christopher Hanley, a type 1 athlete in Ontario who says he loves any physical activity that involves his kids.

“Running, chasing, playing and going to the park. I love hiking the Morrison Valley and trail system in Oakville. When the weather doesn’t cooperate then it is usually weights and the treadmill.”

Thank you Christopher for sharing this amazing piece with the world.

You can follow Christopher on Twitter here.

Happy hump day everyone!


CGM ON. Day 1 of my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor trial

Sunday. At Starbucks. Jacked up on an iced coffee, I put on my first continuous glucose monitor.

Read my last post on CGM’s here.

Ready, set, watch bg’s

It takes two hours to get the Dexcom running and I can tell you it was a LONG wait.

After driving home, I paced, stared at the screen and ogled at this little device now sticking to my body.


The perfect distraction was all the messages I got on social media. Within minutes of posting about my Dexcom trial, one woman offered to mail me Skin Tac (she was in the UK!), and so many others gave great tips such as…

  • not to panic if I see the “???” sign on the Dexcom as it will usually correct itself and that it does not mean something is wrong
  • to stay calm and not stress about getting used to a new device
  • not getting discouraged with seeing the full bg picture during physical activity
  • eat realistically
  • being aware of sweat/water, tight vs. loose clothing and what kind of beating the device will take for various kinds of activity

FINALLY, it was time! Two back-to-back bg’s with my regular meter to calibrate and then poof. It was working.


Within the first 15 minutes of putting it on, I had a slight low. It was REALLY NEAT to see as I treated, what was happening with my bg’s. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon just marveling at it.


CGM’s are just amazing. I’m extremely thankful that I have access to this type of amazing technology, even if it’s just for a week. Some people will never get to use one or even have regular access to insulin for that matter.

I’m going to enjoy every moment of this.

Excited to document 7 days of CGM,


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DSMA Blue Fridays-My sparkly collar dream dress

photo 3-1

Every week I bring you blue fashion in support of those affected by diabetes.

The initiative is called Blue Fridays. The next time you wear blue to kick off the weekend, snap a photo and hashtag your attire #BlueFridays on Twitter.

I’ve been showing lots of thrift store finds since I started taking part. There are some dresses I try on and think, “I’d never wear this, but I’ll try it on for fun”.

Not this one.

I would 100 per cent wear this. If I saw it at a store, I would have bought it right away.

Ah, the drawback of shopping at a thrift store: if it doesn’t fit, it’s just tough luck. Clearly this doesn’t hug my body properly but it was just so pretty I had to share.

photo 1-2

photo 2-1

Are you wearing blue today?

Knowing zero about fashion but having fun just the same,


Trying my first continuous glucose monitor (CGM) this weekend! Come to me Dexcom!

On Sunday I will be hooked up to my very first continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the Dexcom by Animas.

As the time winds down, I’m starting to get antsy. I just want it on me already! My one week trial has come at the perfect time. I’ll be heading into week 2 of my half-marathon training. Here’s what the week will look like running-wise:


It will be interesting to see my bg’s during my short and long runs. Will it help me prevent lows? How will it feel on? So many unknowns.

You better believe I’ll be putting it to the test for every activity I love.

And although I’ll still be testing with my meter, it will be nice to see my levels on a screen all the time, all day…

 If the word “Errday” puzzles you, click here

for a week! Full report later.

Happy weekend all,


Sebastien Sasseville out of Nova Scotia and into New Brunswick

It’s official.

Sebastien Sasseville has now cleared THREE provinces by foot.

The solo runner is making his way from Newfoundland to Vancouver for Outrun Diabetes, inspiring others to live their dreams.

On Monday, Shawn Shepheard, Anne Marie Hospod and I published a fun post called “Sebastien Sasseville #MCM t-shirts hit the market, Outrun Diabetes fans go crazy“.

#MCM stands for Man Crush Monday, a popular hashtag on social media where people post pictures of their man crush.

To lift Sebastien’s spirits and show support, we modeled some t-shirts donning his face. We strutted in the mall and on the road. We were in stitches.

Shawn caught up with Sebastien via/ video chat last night and asked the question for me, “How does it feel to be a #MCM (Man crush Monday)? Look at the seriousness in which Shawn asks my question.


Full video below of the whole update on Sebastien’s run.



Sebastien is off the main highways and running on some pretty isolated roads. Show some support. Send a tweet, a Facebook message, and if you’re in the area, for-the-love-of-carbohydrates please join the guy.



Outrun Diabetes | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram |

Sebastien Sasseville | Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn |

Shawn Shepheard | Website | Twitter | Facebook |

Read more.

Sebastien Sasseville #MCM t-shirts hit the market, Outrun Diabetes fans go crazy

Sebastien Sasseville hits 1,000 km mark on run across Canada

Outrun Diabetes update: Crazy photos of Sebastien Sasseville’s run across Canada

Sebastien Sasseville confesses before his run across Canada: I suck.



My favourite tech gadgets for staying healthy

I’m tech-happy. Are you? Here are some of my favourite apps and gadgets that keep me on track (click photos to enlarge and browse):

1. My Fitness Pal app (free)

I try to track everything that goes into my body with this app.

  • Love the scan feature where you can grab the nutrition label off of anything with a bar code
  • Has opened my eyes to what I’m eating every. single. day.
  • Ability to track workouts & give estimates to how much you need to replenish

Visit their website here.

2. Nike Plus app (free)

Nike + tracks my run, pace, calories burned, tags which shoes I’m wearing, a place for notes and automatically documents the weather when I’m running outdoors.

  • Share runs through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Enter challenges with your Nike + friends, chat & encourage each other
  • New Coach feature (which provides detailed schedules for any race distance). I’m using it as a program guide for my second half-marathon.

Visit the Nike + website here.

3. Nike Fuel Band (Around $150 CAN)

Earn points for movement + share on social media outlets. See time, track steps, calories burned and sync to the app via bluetooth. This has shown me the importance of moving at all hours throughout the day. Read more here.

4. Nike Training Club app (free)

NTC are workouts created by top trainers and athletes which include pictures/video. Tons of different routines. Varying times/intensity/styles and can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. This challenges me big time! I never get bored of these. More info here.

5. Road ID app (free)

This is a new app in the beta phase but I’m so excited about it! Road ID enables your lock screen to show your emergency information. When you go out on the road, you can have e-mail notifications sent to friends at certain points, and an alert is also sent if you stop moving. Find out more about the app here. Download it and also receive 10 % off your next Road ID purchase. Yay! What are your go-to apps for keeping active? Jess 😀

WIAW: What I ate Wednesdays, all vegetarian breakfast

photo 5egetarian eats to start your morning

If you don’t eat much in the a.m. and want a clean, simple way to begin the day, this might be for you! You can get in some veggies that are usually missed during the morning and I haven’t forgotten to add coffee to this meal. Mmmmm…coffee. My goal is to experiment and find ways to eat healthy while not sacrificing taste. I am on the hunt for foods that are good for my tummy, my blood glucose levels and that fuel my body for all the races I have planned.


  • carrots and celery chopped to fit juicer
  • make enough juice to fill 1 cup
  • provides vitamin A, C, E, K, potassium, calcium via The Holy Kale

4 grams of carbs/80 calories Coffee:

  • 1 cup coffee
  • 2 stevia packets
  • soy or almond drink

0 grams carbs/ 14 calories Toast:

16 grams carbs/ 185 calories * This particular bread contains egg Water:

  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 0 grams carbs/0 calories

There you have it!

Total: 20 grams carbs/ 279 calories photo Watermarked Photo-1 Don’t forget to set your alarm to check your bg’s. What do you eat for breakfast? Is there a way to make a healthier version?