Boston Marathon: photos from my November ’13 trip #BostonStrong

Photo 1: The Boston Marathon finish line was one of the first places I wanted to go to after I landed. My last trip to Boston was my third time visiting the city and the first time since the bombings.

Photo 2: Boston Athletic Association logo at the finish line. My last visit was the first time I ran in Boston and it was magical. The running community and the city itself is truly extraordinary. No matter where I ran, cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians always gave me the right of way. There is a special spirit that lives in this city and it’s one of the many reasons why Boston is my favourite American city. If you want to run and feel heart, this is the place to go.

Photo 3: The window front of Marathon Sports, a running store located right at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Photo 4: My first pair of Boston runner’s that I picked up at City Sports. I’m still wearing them to train for my Ottawa Half-Marathon. These shoes are special!


Photo(s) 5: A few of my Instagram posts of my runs in Boston. At that time I was participating in the Runner’s World Run Streak.

Today I’ll be running 2.6 km in the Boston Marathon World Run. The World Run is a virtual run (utilizing an app and website) where anyone from across the globe can take part, raise funds and tackle the pavement for any distance they choose.

If you use the Nike + Running app today, be sure to put “#STRONGEREVERYRUN” in the notes section. $1 will be donated per mile to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Boston, I am with you always, but especially today.

JDRF is a Boston Marathon charity.

Funds raised through the B.A.A. Boston Marathon Charity Program will be directed by JDRF toward funding research to find a cure for diabetes and its complications and to develop transformative treatments that enable people with type 1 diabetes to live healthier, safer lives until that cure is found.

| Boston Athletic Association Website |

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