How I will choose an insulin pump

I don’t know anyone that uses an Accu-Chek pump. Online and in real life, there was no one to bounce ideas off of or get opinions from.

It would be easy to dismiss them but when I started out on this journey I made a promise to myself that I would sit down with every company, and so I did.

Currently there are four insulin pump players in Canada: Accu-Chek, Animas, Metronic and Omnipod.

Whether a pump company was first on the market, the fastest growing at the moment or the smallest in the game is irrelevant to me.

Pumps that are wireless, with remotes, colour screens, threshold suspend… they are all features that can make life easier but at the end of the day, to me, a pump is a pump. If it makes me healthier, I want it.

Talk to some and one company’s pump fails on them constantly. Talk to others and that same pump brand is simply amazing.

For me the factor that holds the most weight in choosing a pump company is not the technology, but the people.

People=customer service.

Are you engaged during our meeting or do your eyes keep wandering to your cell phone to check e-mails? How much time do you spend bashing the competition, and how does that balance out with tips or encouragement you’re providing me for where I am in my d-journey?

Did you follow through with not just an e-mail, but with relevant resources and connections? Are the words you type speaking to our meeting or is it a generic “thank you for your time” send-off?

These actions are what make impressions. And it speaks volumes to the kind of customer service a company will provide if you choose them.

I’m going to weigh out which features mean most to me, but also think heavily about the people.

Who will go the extra mile for me and who will go the extra mile for you?

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  1. While I agree with almost everything you say there is one thing I think should factor into your decision. What kind of technical support do the companies have and when the s*#t hits the fan how quickly can you get a replacement pump, what is the vacation loaner policy. These are things people don’t often think about bit are almost the most important thing. Example, it’s 3am and your pump goes down. How fast will you have a new pump in hand. Take time and make sure you get the real time line from each company you are considering. The same goes for ordering supplies. How easy is it to get them??

    From one pump user to another it’s these things (along with features that you need that you need) that matter most! Happy pump shopping!!


    1. Great advice and something I had not thought about! I find pumps very overwhelming so it’s great to hear from others who know the deal. Many thanks for commenting you’ve helped a lot with your advice Julie 🙂


  2. Love hearing about your journey to find the right pump! I’m on injections at the moment too and am contemplating a pump, so it’s great to see how you are doing with it all. You are definitely answering and poising questions that I have had, so thank you!


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