Review: 7 day Dexcom continuous glucose monitor trial

7 days with the Dexcom condensed into a 15 second video.

Read about Day 1 with the Dexcom here Knowledge= freedom. This past week I made several discoveries, the most major being that in between midnight and 4 a.m., my blood glucose levels go LL Cool J on me. Dawn phenomenon= blood glucose spikes at the end of the night. After 4 a.m. things go back to “normal” and I wake up around 6-8 mmol/l (108-144 mg/dl). The rest of the nights brought similar results, although not as drastic. I would have NEVER KNOWN about this without a CGM.  How long has this been going on? Will I feel better when I eliminate night-time spikes? Is it finally long-lasting insulin time? Is my pump shopping going to become a reality soon? The week-long trial has sparked a lot of questions. I’m going to my endo armed with all the data I’ve collected. For the week I managed to get in running, yoga, NTC fit workouts and ballet. I couldn’t bring myself to try swimming as my goggles got stolen a few weeks ago and I wouldn’t be able to swim knowing someone could snag Dex.

My workout lows dramatically decreased and I believe that’s because I could see when I was heading south and could correct before things got bad. Whether it was thrift shopping, studying or eating out, Dex and I were inseparable.

And with the pretty graph as proof, I confirmed that brown rice sushi is heaven-sent. Check out Shawn Shepheard and I’s sweet bg’s post-Japanese chow down. Exact same #’s too!     Have to admit I was sad to lose Dex on Sunday. But I’m so grateful. So grateful for the trial. So grateful for the knowledge I gained during the week. Now it’s time to meet with my health team and find out what’s best. J © All rights reserved.


  1. It’s what happens during the night that scares me the most. It’s like creepy how weird shit goes while we’re innocently unaware.
    I am still unlike any diabetics out there that I know, my bg tanks every single goddamned night starting at about 4’ish. If I don’t fix it beforehand it doesn’t come up on it’s own and I eventually wake up super low.

    a cgm would help me here but I am so over perma-devices.


    1. Thanks for commenting Scully 🙂 I wonder if there’s a specific name for your reverse dawn phenomenon. I know you told me before you wake up at 1:30 to check things out but around 4 a.m. do you wake up to take something?


      1. I get up to check at 1:30 because it gives Ryan too much anxiety to set his alarm for later in the night. Otherwise I would prefer to wake up at 3. But.. it’s kind of Ryan who forces the wake-up… it’s weird.
        So yeah, I can usually tell how the rest of the night will go with that 1:30am bg check. If it’s around 6mmol/l or lower I will consume some dex. I will wake up around 4mmol/l if I do this. If the bg is higher than 6 I still usually wake up around 4-5 but luckily won’t have to consume anything.

        I’m an oddity, that’s for sure.

  2. That is some great info! I too have hard core LL Cool J (love it) syndrome through the night, but I’ve never worn a CGM so I don’t know exactly how things go… just that they basically go up until about 5 or 6 am. Great to think about how even a week trial gave you some really valuable data!


    1. Hello Jennifer 😀 Newbie question but how do you know you have LL Cool J syndrome if you never have tried a cgm? Is it because your before bed # is good and you wake up high? My problem is that my morning bg wasn’t giving me any indication of LL Cool J.

      Thanks so much for commenting 😀 I love to hear what you guys have to say.

      I think I need to download some LL now.


      1. Correct! I was always high in the morning even when I’d gone to bed hours after dinner and bolus and at a “good” blood sugar. So now I have my pump programmed (with Dr. advice) to give me significantly more basal insulin bw midnight and 8 am. Being on a pump makes a huge difference in my LL phenomenon.

        (PS I tried but could not figure out how to integrate “Mama Said Knock You Out” into this response)

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