DSMA Blue Fridays-My sparkly collar dream dress

photo 3-1

Every week I bring you blue fashion in support of those affected by diabetes.

The initiative is called Blue Fridays. The next time you wear blue to kick off the weekend, snap a photo and hashtag your attire #BlueFridays on Twitter.

I’ve been showing lots of thrift store finds since I started taking part. There are some dresses I try on and think, “I’d never wear this, but I’ll try it on for fun”.

Not this one.

I would 100 per cent wear this. If I saw it at a store, I would have bought it right away.

Ah, the drawback of shopping at a thrift store: if it doesn’t fit, it’s just tough luck. Clearly this doesn’t hug my body properly but it was just so pretty I had to share.

photo 1-2

photo 2-1

Are you wearing blue today?

Knowing zero about fashion but having fun just the same,


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