Canadian Diabetes Association’s exercise & type 1 talk in Toronto


I am one lucky duck and I know it.

Exercise to me is heaven. The sweating, lungs burning, legs aching…I just love it.

Running, swimming, biking, dancing, yoga… I’ll take two of each!

When I head back to the change room after a great workout, I feel like a movie star who is slow motion walking as something big and bad explodes in the background.

But I understand there are those who don’t feel this way. To remind myself, I ask, “What if in order to stay healthy I had to watch medieval-themed movies for 30 minutes every day?”


And that’s what it might feel like for those who cringe at the idea of sweat session.


Exercise was the hot topic at the Canadian Diabetes Type 1 talk on Tuesday evening in Toronto.

Guest speaker Michael Jacoby is an accomplished t1d athlete and acts as the operations co-ordinator for Team Diabetes. He shared the group’s fundraising efforts for the Canadian Diabetes Association and gave the audience a whirlwind tour of all the races the group participates in around the world.


Athens, Bermuda, Prague, Reykjavik, Kauai, they are all on the list of places to travel and race for the 2014/2015 season.

Denial, acceptance and living right

Mark Kerwin provided tips on how to be successful with type 1 diabetes.

Read his suggestions and all my live tweeting from the event here

The marathoner, triathlete and Tough Mudder man admitted to being in complete denial of his disease. He confessed to the audience that he tried to starve himself (going from 190 pounds to 120), doing whatever he could to get rid of type 1 diabetes.

Acceptance was one of the keys for Mark moving forward and it is also the key to success when approaching exercise.

Say it with me?

This is how I feel about t1d and training:

I accept that it will take time and I must experiment with many different methods to find out what works for me.

I accept that no matter what I do, things may go wrong and I may not be able to perform my best.

I accept the highs and lows that sometimes come with training.

And most important of all,

I accept all the glory, pride, and feeling of awesome when I cross the finish line.

Up next

This event has inspired me to blog more about what to expect when exercising with t1d. Perhaps by educating and sharing experiences we can help others transition to an active lifestyle with more ease.

More like that action movie. Less like a medieval movie.


Team Diabetes | Website | Twitter | Facebook |

Canadian Diabetes Association | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube |

Mark Kerwin | Twitter | LinkedIn |

Michael Jacoby | Connected in Motion blog profile | LinkedIn |


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