Outrun Diabetes update: Crazy photos of Sebastien Sasseville’s run across Canada

I now present to you the most ridiculous run-freeze-face I have ever seen. Can you beat it?


Didn’t think so.

In case you don’t know, this is Sebastien Sasseville. Type 1 diabetic athlete. Currently running across the country to inspire Canadians no matter what challenges they face. This back to back 180 marathon run from coast to coast is called Outrun Diabetes.

I’m sorry Sebastien. I don’t know why, but when I look at your picture above, I just feel like I need to say, “I’m sorry”.

Doesn’t he look so incredibly annoyed at whoever is taking his photo?

If a large steak, glass of wine, and supermodels came along at the time of that photo, Sebastien’s face would have probably looked the same. It was COMPLETELY frozen.

“I was speaking like I had plastic surgery,” he told me via e-mail.



All photos courtesy of Outrun Diabetes.

Click here for my interview with Sebastien right before the start of his cross-country journey.

Mother Nature has been incredibly cruel. In Newfoundland where he started, the weather hasn’t been that bad in over a decade.

The wind slowed him down. Terrible conditions have made what is already an unbelievable feat, that much more difficult.

This 40-second video is worth watching. It will also make you feel terribly guilty for complaining about the cold.

Check out Sebastien’s latest update:



Visit Shawn Shepheard’s Diabetes Champion Network, providing regular updates on the run. Here’s the latest video interview:

Cheer on Sebastien, Canada! And make sure to connect:


To all you winter runners out there, think of Sebastien’s frozen face as a response to your excuses.

Suck it up and get outside.

Now, in a complete act of cruelty, I will show Sebastien my running attire from Monday.


Safe travels!



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