Miss Manners is a D-mom? Diabetes Mine reveals many surprises after interview

I was reading through my Twitter feed this morning and saw that Diabetes Mine unearthed some interesting facts about Miss Manners.

Popular advice columnist “Miss Manners” directed diabetics to keep blood glucose testing to the bathroom in a Washington Post publication on February 14. “Her” response had many in the diabetes community showing their disagreement via e-mails, blog posts and tweets.

Bravo Diabetes Mine for researching and getting to the heart of it. Here’s a snippet from their article:

“Yes, the 75-year-old columnist and author is mom to 46-year old son Nicholas, a longtime T1 who was diagnosed in his 20s about two decades ago. And get this: he now shares the Miss Manners byline with his mom and sister, and actually penned this particular response about BG checks in public!”

If you have a chance, it’s a worthwhile read by Mike Hoskins. What are your thoughts now that you know Miss Manners is a D-mom? That her son, a type 1 diabetic, shares the byline?
Here’s part of my original blog post below:

I, too, disagree with her. So many of you within the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) have written your thoughts on the matter and have said what I would have but in a much more eloquent way.

When I first read it, I have to admit, I wasn’t upset. Annoyed, sure, but definitely not upset.

She 100 per cent needs to hear what we, as diabetics, have to say. Message definitely delivered. Whether it gets received is another story.

I have no idea what Miss Manners’ intentions were.  There are a myriad of possibilities as to why she wrote what she did, and it could be something other than ignorance.

Let us not forget her work is seen by many before it is published, and that her opinion, right or wrong, is what she gets paid to dish out.

She heard us loud and clear. I say that with some amount of certainty because of the big response and conversation it has sparked. Hopefully the many replies has helped educate and brought to life what we deal with to stay healthy and alive, physically and mentally.

Testing on the treadmill at the gym, mid-run on the street, and at the side of the pool for all to see,


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    1. Miss Manners implied that testing blood sugars is a shameful thing, therefore we should do it in the bathroom. But, how many times have I met a PWD who was testing their blood sugar in public? I met a man who had diabetes for 57 years just because he tested in public. We are in this together. I am glad you are with me on my team.


  1. Oh, what UTTER bullcrap. Miss Manners in NO WAY implied any shame. The folks who are insulted by this are just way too sensitive. I check my blood sugar privately. No one needs to see my blood. It is simply polite to other people to conduct medical procedures in private.


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