One of my presents, the best DIY Christmas sweater…which includes a cat!

I got a great surprise this Christmas. My cousin decided to make me a Christmas sweater as my present! I am so impressed, and ultra grateful for this thoughtful gift. Had to share with you all, so here it is!


I love everything about this sweater, the colour, the cat with the puffy tail (I heart cats. A lot) and all the festive decor. I think I’ll have to hide it away so my cat doesn’t think it’s one big toy. My cousin also made sweaters for her daughters: 



Thanks cuz! Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to spend the holidays with the ones you love. 

Dressed in the spirit, 



  1. Nice sweaters! Even though I’m biased toward liking the cat one more, I actually think the snowman one came out on top – just because of that pop out nose!! 🙂


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