World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange


I’m a big fan of snail mail. I was on the Connected in Motion Facebook page when I saw they posted about the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange. The concept is quite simple: create handmade postcards and send them to other people within the diabetic community. The WDD Postcard Exchange fairies help connect people for the project. I’ve got four people I’ve sent cards to in the United States and one in Spain! I had a lot of fun making these.

I also walked to the post office instead driving. 40 minutes of brisk walking. Yay! I was feeling icky today so it was a nice way to get some fresh air while I was able to get moving.

Hands covered in paint. Sticky fingers from using school glue. Next year I’m going to come up with ideas a bit earlier. I’m excited to get my letters too. As you can see, my creations show my ummm child-like visions?

Did you participate? I think I’ll be participating each year. It’s such a fun way to get artistic while feeling connected to others around the world.

Happy crafting,




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